Boasting an upbeat electronic soound, Jennifer debuted her EP -- “Jennifer Zhang VS”-- in 2014. The album was produced by JAMES tha DJ for his Danger Squad Records label and recorded and mixed by Glenn Suravech. "VS" featured original tracks written by Zhang that are characterized by references to video games, comic books, science fiction and fantasy. It was the first of its kind -- a nerdcore electronic pop album in a genre traditionally dominated by homebrewed hip hop -- and it enjoyed widespread digital play and internet buzz.

Notable Works

  • Jennifer Zhang "VS"
Written by Jennifer Zhang
Produced by James tha Deejay
Recorded and Mixed by Glenn Suravech
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  • Jennifer Zhang "ESCAPE EMOTION"
Written and Performed by Jennifer Zhang
Produced and written by Diana "AutoReiv" Cha and Drew "Kid Original" Krassowski
Recorded and Mixed by Glenn Suravech
with Remixes by James Matsuoka (JAMES tha dj)
Coming Soon

2017 will see the release of "ESCAPE EMOTION" -- a new electronic dance music EP that follows a single story of an arrested romance that devolves from a desperate attraction to an intense heartbreak. The work represents an evolution of Jennifer's sound and strives to touch an entirely new, more mature audience. The EP will feature a largely Asian American creative team, comprised of producer Diana "AutoReiv" Cha, producer Drew "Kid Original" Krassowski and recording and mixing engineer Glenn Suravech, with club remixes by James Matsuoka (JAMES tha dj). AVAILABLE ON ITUNES, AMAZING, GOOGLE PLAY, SPOTIFY AND PANDORA JUNE 2017.


Jennifer has been featured in several music videos, both performing her own music and being a featured artist in collaborations with other artists and web content creators. Enjoy several of these projects below.