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It’s hard to say which element of Chancey Ming's chaotic life deals harder hits: her disastrously stilted love life or her career as an amateur stuntwoman. But as she stumbles her way through both, her closest friends — a provocative underground DJ, a ferociously sexy lawyer, or a f*ckboi with a heart of gold — are there to get her on her feed and send her back in for round 2... and 3... and 4...

"Fighting Chance" is a sexy character-driven comedy with a colorful ensemble cast that introduces fresh perspectives and unexplored modern themes, mingling progressive sexuality, a peek behind the curtain of the stunt world, and the Asian American experience.

GENRE: Comedy (Series)

STATUS: Pitching

Inquiries about the pitch deck + treatment + pilot? Contact Jennifer via the homepage

Synopsis for "Fighting Chance"
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