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A notorious hacker trapped under strict house arrest has her isolated, regimented world turned upside down when her boyfriend mysteriously begins dialing in with dark and unusual requests.

Written and Directed by Jennifer Zhang ; Starring Jennifer Zhang, Eric Radic, and Marc Morisseau ;

Sound and score by Diana Cha ; Color by Stan Song and Layla Han Dong


BACKGROUND: When “lockdown” began and the fate of her other projects in development and production became uncertain overnight, filmmaker Jennifer Zhang decided to issue herself a challenge: Was it possible to make a compelling feature film, entirely confined to her apartment, using only what was already locked inside with her at the start of quarantine?


Charon -- the deeply personal film that was a result of the experiment -- was filmed and edited entirely on an iPhone 8 Plus completely in one location, with no budget. Zhang held herself to these strict, self-imposed rules: no leaving the apartment. No purchasing extra equipment or software. No leaning on additional crew.... so, set up and light and shoot every shot on her own. Her co-star and collaborators had to make their contributions to the project remotely.


The hope (and the gamble) was that the end product would prove that as long as you have a story that you want to share with the world, you may already have everything you need to do it (lockdown be damned!).

"Charon was a thrilling, humbling, and wild ride. I hope someone out there enjoys watching it as much as I loved making it."


A LOVE LETTER TO MY COLLEAGUES: "I have had the honor of working with and growing with some of the most incredible directors, actors, crew and post production teams a girl could ever hope to collaborate with. I never take for granted that observing their talent is a privilege — whether on films, on commercials, or on industrial, promotional, or digital projects. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back to collaborating with professionals who have honed their individual crafts and love every part of what they do. Now more than ever, I am looking forward to working with you all again once things are safe."

Poster by Mouine Omari