"Escape Emotion" is set to drop August 29th, 2017. ESCAPE EMOTION is an electronic dance music EP that features provocative, throbbing beats and bright, sirenic melodies. From one track to the next, a single story is detailed from the first moments of raw attraction to bittersweet heartbreak.

Jennifer Signs with Naturally Fit Agency

Thrilled to announce that Jennifer is now officially a fitness model represented by Naturally Fit Agency -- the leading and most comprehensive fitness modeling agency in the US. Represented by NFA in the Fit, Lifestyle, and Pro Athlete division, this is a major milestone for Jennifer in her love for fit lifestyle advocacy. To book Jennifer on fitness modeling print or commercial jobs, please contact or call +1 323 900-0398.

New Interview on The Something Something XP Podcast!

Jennifer was thrilled to recently have a chance to sit down with host Michael John Simpson for a very casual-format interview. LISTEN TO IT HERE. From the podcast page: "This episode features producer, actress, model, cosplayer, and singer, Jennifer Zhang. Michael and Jennifer discuss creative lapses, cosplaying, donuts, exercise, acting, Batman: The Animated Series, viral videos, fan films, true nerdiness, bullshit filters, horror films, Evil Inside, J-Horror, The Ring, masculinity, Bowie, celebrity deaths 2016, gender fluidity, childhood cosplay, peaceful resolutions, her album Emocean, Electronic Dance Music, community, DC Comics, Batman, Star Trek, Doctor Who, anime, and video games."

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