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A lone pilot on a homebound space vessel finds herself trapped in a waking nightmare when her holographic “virtual companion” begins to defy his own programming.

"Autopilot" is an Asian-female led project driven by the director/writer's, the lead actress's, and the cinematographer's shared love of science fiction, and their collective desire to see more Asians represented in the genre -- both in front of and behind the camera. As part of that mission (and unique to this project), the majority of the department heads on the ”Autopilot" crew were also Asian women.

GENRE: Science Fiction (Short)


WINNER Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Micheaux Film Festival

WINNER Best Short Film, Vail Film Festival

WINNER Best Short Film, Blue Planet Science Fiction Festival

WINNER Best Director, Busan New Wave Film Festival

WINNER Audience Award, Etheria Film Festival


(Contact Jennifer for viewing password)

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