Notable Works

  • Writer/Producer of The Evil Inside (available in Redbox, DVD and Blu-Ray) and the upcoming feature, The Minx
  • Singer/Songwriter on the "Jennifer Zhang VS" EP and the "ESCAPE EMOTION" Album
  • Producer/Former Head of Programming of Jace Hall’s celebrity gaming network 1337LoungeLive/Twin Galaxies Live
  • Co-Host of the "Seven of Wine" Podcast on the Geekscape Network, and "eSports Experts" on the Headgum Network
  • Creator of the “Street Fighter High” webseries and the popular short “Batman: Death Wish” (1.5 million hits)
  • Co-Author w/ Dr. Jay Gordon of "The ADD & ADHD Cure" (available: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Borders)
  • Editor of "The Hungry City Guides" (Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago Family Editions)



Jennifer Zhang’s career began in publishing, but—finding that her passion for storytelling needed additional outlets—Jennifer made deep inroads very quickly into entertainment and the video game industry.

Prior to becoming a web personality with her viral video game and comic book parody and tribute videos, her horror film The Evil Inside, and being hired to produce and host Jace Hall’s Twin Galaxies Live, Jenniferhad spent years as an editor on several dining guides for Hungry City (in its time, a leading competitor of Zagat), ghostwriting three teen self-help books for Kaplan, and co-authoring The ADD and ADHD Cure (Wiley, 2008) with celebrity pediatrician Jay Gordon—a book that received ringing endorsements from Julia Roberts, David Duchovny, Tobey Maguire,and Matt Damon. By the time she was 23, she had several books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and Borders nationwide.

While making headway in her publishing career, Jennifer was also writing and producing for Expanded Books – a company that created slick made-for-the-web book trailers for major publishing houses. In her position at the company, she wrote interview questions and helped to produce over 100 videos featuring authors, illustrators and public figures, including George R.R. Martin, Terry Brooks, Orson Scott Card, Maurice Sendak and former U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen.

Simultaneously, Jennifer was contracted to write a number of pilots and treatments for shows that were pitched to Yahoo! TV, MTV and Nickelodeon by Todd Stevens , co-executive producer of the hit sitcom “Friends”.

In 2009-2010, Jennifer worked under contract with the Walt Disney Company as a writer, heading up the web copy for the national “What will you celebrate?” and “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day.” marketing campaigns – the former for which she won an industry award, and the latter of which allowed her to work with the Muppets.

Her stint in the corporate world was paired with a concentrated effort to launch a career as a screenwriter, filmmaker and actress. It was during this period that she began taking acting classes and studied screenwriting under the late, great Blake Snyder. A graduate of his Beat Sheet Workshop and Master Class, she has since been penning and shopping nearly a dozen feature-length screenplays using his highly effective and celebrated Save the Cat! principles.

A major unexpected turning point in her career came when she garnered media attention and an internet fan base with her viral video game parodies, “Street Fighter High” and “Street Fighter High: The Musical.” The webseries was featured on Capcom’s official site in conjunction with the release of the new Street Fighter games, as well as over 100 media outlets across the web. The fan film she wrote and produced, “Batman: Death Wish” received similarly explosive media coverage, and is today the second highest viewed dramatic Batman short on Youtube, crossing 2 million views.

Jennifer quickly leveraged the resources, media attention, and industry connections she made from Street Fighter High into production of a feature film – originally called Dead Inside but renamed The Evil Inside. After winning numerous festival awards, the film was sold for domestic and international distribution. Jennifer wrote the screenplay, and with the backing of a group of 8 young engineers and cinephiles from the Silicon Valley (who together, formed DMN Films, named for their weekly tradition “Drunk Movie Night”), turned the project into a full-blown feature with a fresh cast of talented young actors. The film is currently available in Redbox, and on DVD in the US and Blu-Ray in the UK.

As an actress and host, Jennifer has appeared on The Radnerd Show, Jace Hall’s Street Fighter music video, Drag Me to Hell, The Daily ReHash, dozens of videos on the channels of major Youtube influencers and numerous videos with celebrity guests for Jace Hall’s multi-camera, live-streamed gaming culture network Twin Galaxies Live (formerly 1337LoungeLive) — where she served as creative director and head of programming, and frequently appeared as a primary on-camera personality. The 24/7 interactive broadcast generates hundreds of thousands of viewers every day, crossing 4 million viewers in its first 2 months.

Having written all the pop tracks featured in her feature film The Evil Inside, Jennifer launched an independent music career shortly after, releasing a buzzworthy album of electronic pop music with "nerdy" subject matter in 2014. "  “Jennifer Zhang VS” - produced by James tha Deejay (Danger Squad Records) and recorded and enginerred by Glenn Suravech (Mosaic Sound Recordings) received press from and a multitude of other geek media sites, and Jennifer performed tracks from the song as a headliner in Vegas at the Riviera Hotel on New Years' Eve.

Currently, in addition to producing a number of upcoming web and television projects, Jennifer is working on releasing her second EP, "ESCAPE EMOTION," with accompanying music video for the first single "Knell".  Follow Jennifer on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.